I wish I weren’t trapped in a bubble of self-hate,

stuck debating whether I’m evading or persuading myself

to be someone I ain’t.

I admire the girl I see through the glass

who’s going for it, not looking back

at all the shit she bit off before she could chew

the fact that she knew who she was all along.

What’s stronger than the power

behind her disguise are the lies

she told herself to compromise her demise

for the prize of being free, fleeing from the tree

with broken branches, entranced by second chances,

she glances at the reflection and sees a cosmic connection

of affection for what’s inside,

a pride of being alive and well,

with a pen and a paper

and a story to tell.


2 thoughts on “POST-TITLE

  1. My Mulamy,
    remember you are right where you are supposed to be. Finding your way thru life, as best you can. It’s ok to realize our imperfections and be saddened or disappointed. It’s the nature of life. It helps us learn our limitations, & acknowledge our strengths. SEE and acknowledge our strengths. Remember you’re loved, by your imperfect friends in this imperfect, chaotic world. Just be open to the light. Seek love and light.
    Love, Smithra 💕

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