A downward spiral

you took a trip to a bad neighborhood where you can’t turn around,

so you move in

and find comfort within city limits

you ignore the feeling of misery

you pretend you don’t deserve better,

just so you don’t feel bad for treating yourself so cruelly


when you walk into the city, you have no name

you are another face on a milk carton

one that everyone sees in a glance,

but no one remembers enough to care


you are lost

and no one wants to save you

because it’s too dangerous

and they all care more about themselves

in their cozy bungalows

with their fenced-in backyards

and wrap-around porches


you’re not like them anymore

you’re mentally fluid,

flowing faster than a river

drowning feelings

and resuscitating them just as quickly

in swift, fluid motions,

your graceful morbidity keeping you afloat


you’re just a girl

lost in a downward spiral.




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